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Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software
Simple, Powerful and Affordable

The simple way to run your pet grooming business™

Groomsoft is cloud based pet grooming software that provides a user friendly, simple yet powerful way to manage your pet grooming business. With Groomsoft, you can run your pet grooming business more efficiently, spend less time searching for client paperwork and more time doing what you love – PET GROOMING! See why other groomers love Groomsoft! Sign up for a free 30 day trial, no credit card needed. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.

ShakeYourTail – Pet Management Grooming Software

ShakeYourTail is the first cloud based system offering a complete service to your business from any device, PC, Mobile or tablet.

ShakeYourTail allows you to manage your clients, schedule appointment and remain in constant communication through email notifications which includes, confirming appointments, automated reminders, ‘Thank you’ for your visit, and automated ‘Miss You’ reminders.

It also offers the ability to send SMS messages to your clients to confirm and remind them about their appointment.

Another great feature is the ability to send out email campaigns to all your clients, our tools allow you to create your own emails and send offers, sales and whatever you like to your clients.

Export data, run financial reports, create invoices or even print out a daily work sheet, all this is possible and more under our reporting section.

We know you hate ‘No Shows’ and that’s why we have built into our service confirmations, reminders, client rating and alerts to not only reduce this problem from happening but also to provide you real time feedback on client reliability by providing a star rating and a ‘No show’ count over the last 12 months.

Our Schedule allows you to book appointments to multiple resources, for example this could be multiple groomers, kennels or perhaps different types of services.

Our service starts from Free and requires no commitment, so to learn more and if you’re ready to start please visit us at  

PetLinx Grooming Software

PetLinx has been the trusted name in pet grooming software for over 15 year, with happy customers world-wide. We’re all about options with PetLinx – need to be able to connect in from both home or salon? Then choose our Cloud edition and run your business from any location. Have a bad internet connection or don’t want to pay monthly fees? Then go for our Windows installed editions, buy a licence outright and don’t pay another cent. Have boarding or daycare with your business as well? Choose these modules as well when purchasing to have a complete solution for your business needs.

PetLinx is designed to be as simple to use as possible so you can get up and running ASAP. Our BookMy.Pet online portal further reduces you work by letting your customers manage personal and pet information and make new booking requests using a mobile-friendly website, branded with your business details. BookMy.Pet booking requests flow through into PetLinx and are accepted or declined with a couple of clicks.

We back up our product with prompt and friendly support, and regular updates with new features. Let PetLinx show you how it can free up your valuable time and improve your business - download a free demo at


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