To upload pictures on the GroomerTALK Message Board requires a couple simple steps, but your photos must meet some size specifications. The latter causes some problems if you haven't had some experience with picture resizing.

Pictures are measured in PIXELS, not inches. The maximum width is 640 pixels, and the maximum height is 480 pixels tall.

Every computer file has a size, either kilobytes or megabytes usually. Each picture file you upload cannot exceed 146 kilobytes.

When your picture's width, height or file size exceeds any one or more these specs, the upload to the message board fails. More reduction is needed.

There are several web sites that allow you to resize your pictures at no charge, but here is one for you.

Step 1: Click inside the IMG JPG field box, and then click Browse. It opens the directory of your computer and you need to find the file name of your your picture on your computer, or perhaps your camera already attached to your computer. Once you click on the file name on your computer, usually you will click an OPEN button (Windows Users).

Step 2: Set the width. Most photos that fail to upload are simply too wide, and the wider the photo, the larger the file size too. We suggest you use the default 500 pixels wide, OR even 400 pixels wide. Remember, our max is 640 pixels and that's really very large, 400 to 500 is fine, and it means the file size will be lowered a great deal.

Step 3: Change the name of the original file on your computer with the optional field for image name. Otherwise your original photo file will be resized and you may want to retain its specs for printing etc. Whatever you enter in this field is ADDED ON TO THE ORIGINAL NAME. For example:

Original:    mydog.jpg

You enter:    resized

New: mydogresized.jpg

Once you complete Step 6 below, you will now have 2 photo files on YOUR computer, the original and the resized. We are not responsible for losses of your original files by using our recommended tool, otherwise please do not use it. If you do, always use the optional field to change the name.

Step 4: You can even reduce image quality. It doesn't necessarily mean the picture won't look fine on a computer monitor. Many people take high resolution photos required for print quality. The higher the resolution, the higher the file size. Did you know that 150 to 300 dots per inch resolution is required for printing, but only 72 dots per inch resolution is required for viewing on a standard computer monitor. That's drastically less memory.

We suggest you set the image quality to 80% to start.

Step 5: Click Edit Image, AND YOUR PHOTO OPENS IN A NEW WINDOW. You must not block pop-up windows.

Step 6: There is your resized picture. In Windows you can right click it with your mouse, choose properties, and get the pixel sizes for width and height, and the file size hopefully below 147 K or kilobytes. If so, click the Download Image button and you can save the picture to your computer. REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT YOUR RESIZED PHOTOS!!!

Step 7: To get your photos on the GroomerTALK Message Board, start a New Thread or Post Reply and type your text message, and below that look for the Manage Attachments button. Click it, and it opens a new little window for uploading. You identify the location of the resized photos, and upload. The file names will appear in your New Thread or Post Reply window if the upload is successful. You can then submit the New Thread or Reply. You did it!