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Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions

Financing Available on Used Grooming Vans

With over 40 years experience-experience that included operating our own 22 unit fleet of vans-we have the expertise to lead you on a path to success. We are changing lives one groomer at a time every single day here at Wag’n Tails!  Our proven business model is continuously being refined and updated to ensure your viability in the mobile grooming market place. Wag’n Tails provides you with the tools to implement the business model before you take delivery of your van or trailer to jump start your mobile grooming business. We even offer financing of the vehicle and the conversion in one package so no payment is due until after you take delivery of your van. In most cases, you have 30 days to generate income before your first payment is due! We even have a secure online application on our home page at to make applying for a loan a snap. Ask any of our nearly 1,800 groomers living the mobile lifestyle about us. They’ll tell you to go with the best-go with Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions. We put your dreams in motion! For immediate information, go to Wag'n Tails website, and take a virtual tour of our models online and watch our video! Call 800-513-0304.

For immediate information, go to Wag'n Tails website, and take a virtual tour of our models online and watch our video! Call 800-513-0304.

#1 Mobile Pet Grooming Franchise
Aussie Pet Mobile

Groomers Wanted - Aussie Pet Mobile

Tag-Along Mobile Grooming Trailers

In 1975 Mobile Grooming was in its infancy. About the only way to “Go Mobile” was to design and build a unit yourself. That’s exactly what we did and we’ve been building them every since! With over 35 years of mobile grooming experience our founders are true pioneers in the mobile pet grooming industry. Over the years we have watched as this segment of Pet Grooming has grown extremely popular. The basic mobile shops of yester-year have been replaced with a trend toward fancy and exorbitantly expensive mobile salons. Our economy-minded philosophy has always been to keep your overhead low so that more profits belong to the business owner. There should be no need to spend ten upon tens of thousands of dollars to have a modern, efficient, comfortable and classy looking unit. The Better Business Bureau sites one reason for early business failure as “high debt”. So to accelerate your chances for success you should strive to own a low cost, efficient trailer such as ours to meet this sensible goal. It’s fully equipped, compact and lightweight with plenty of top quality components. Please take a few minutes to research what we have to offer and then contact us and let us help make your dreams a reality for less cost than you thought possible. Click here to visit our web site.

  • Quality. Function. Fabulous.

Stylist Wear for Professional Pet Groomers.

Retro Stylist Wear designs stylist wear made of durable, high quality, breathable, nylon material. Only quality, well sewn zippers are used. These pet grooming smocks wash and wear very well daily without ironing.

  • ●  Designed with 3/4 sleeves to protect arms from hair splinters.

  • ●  Hidden Pockets with quality zippers to avoid the fur-fill-up and furry feet.
    ●  High quality yet breathable nylon material that sloughs off fur extremely well.
    ●  Designed with function and fashion for men and women.
    ●  Longer length keeps legs fur free all day long.
    ●  Great customer service and return policy.
    ●  Our stylist wear is designed, worn, and tested by Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego, CA.
    Online Ordering:

Full Circle Finance

Finance for Mobile Vehicles and
Grooming Equipment for all Pet Groomers

Full Circle Finance can help you acquire:
• Equipment loans and leases
• Working Capital
• New and used equipment purchases

This is where financing meets ambition!
It’s not about us. It’s not about our competition.
It’s about your wants and needs.
It’s about coming Full Circle back to the people who matter the most, our customers!

Contact Diana Hodson Wlodarczyk for all of your financing need and questions.

Toll Free: 888-223-2600 Direct: 707-894-6551

TruckLenders USA - Grooming Van Financing

Puparazzi - Mobile Franchise Opportunity

Do you want to be a part of a $60 Billion Industry?

The Pet Industry is Booming and Puparazzi Provides a Great Opportunity for You. Owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Puparazzi offers a franchise opportunity that provides an established service backed by a fantastic brand. Our business model includes tested operational systems and a highly effective mentor program that focuses on your growth. The Puparazzi franchise offers an excellent opportunity to help you achieve your goals and become part of a the multi-billion dollar pet care industry, with a franchisor who is there to support and guide you every step of the way.

What is Puparazzi?

Puparazzi is a mobile grooming business that provides professional pet grooming services to customers at their location. Our professionals take gentle care of our clients’ pets in the safety of their home or office.

We understand that your pet is more than just an animal – he’s a member of the family. Knowing that he remains on his own 'turf' or in-home throughout the grooming process gives both of you security and peace of mind.

 Visit our web site for information.

Keep You Moving and Grooming Mobile Repair Services - Arizona

We are a company that is rooted in mobile grooming. We build and use our own units! We have tested and tried various options to find out what works best and each model that we build is created to be both durable and groomer friendly. We have located our mobile grooming trailer sales in Phoenix, AZ. However, we sell them country wide.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about how to finance a new mobile grooming trailer, or multiple mobile grooming trailers, we have provided a great option for you. Check out our website to fill out a quick application.

We can be reach by phone at 480-428-8803 or email at Prices starting at $19,150.    4/16/21

Jodi Murphy Mobile Grooming Book

Jodi Murphy is recognized as one of our industry's leaders. She is a speaker, contest judge and demonstrator, traveling nationally and internationally sharing her knowledge and skills.

Jodi has given countless seminars on mobile grooming throughout the United States and has now put all her knowledge and experience in this most complete book "Mobile Pet Grooming". This book covers all aspects of starting and maintaining a successful business. Jodi will discuss everything from selecting the right vehicle to sharing tips which will improve your grooming skills.

Over the past 15 years, Jodi has started and successfully operated three mobile grooming businesses in three totally different sections of the US - the south, the mid-west and now the northeast. After just a few months of starting up each business, she was unable to take on new clients and has had long waiting lists, thus allowing her to pick and choose her clients.

You will "ride along" and learn from her experiences over the years - the good and bad - that have made her into the accomplished groomer she is today. The information contained in this book is priceless. If you are mobile, thinking of going mobile, or even a shop owner, this is the book for you. Don't go mobile without it!

Some of the topics discussed:
Power options
Pricing your services
Routing and scheduling
Customer relations
Managing your clientele
Maintaining your vehicle
Grooming tips and techniques
Grooming styles for every season
Capitalizing on your clientele
Mobile vehicle tips
Expanding your mobile business
Grooming cats in a mobile unit by Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG and much more! See

Jodi Murphy Mobile Grooming Success DVD's

Jodi Murphy is a Master Pet Stylist and National Grooming Consultant for the Andis Clipper company. She is a multiple Best In Show and Best All Around competitor and past member of Groom Team USA for four years finishing in the top four placements on the team. Jodi was an International medalist winning a gold and bronze medal in Barcelona, Spain in 2004 and a gold medal in Milan, Italy in 2007 competing among 13 countries of world renown groomers. In 2005 and 2006 she was awarded Best American Groomer. Even more impressive Jodi has been a successful mobile groomer since 1997. She has bought and sold multiple vans over the years and established 3 businesses in 3 completely differently areas of the United States. With her success she quickly became a well-known and respected speaker in the pet grooming industry and her Mobile Grooming Success seminars have been presented all over the country. Now you can own on 2 DVD's all of the same valuable information from her Mobile Grooming Success seminars. Mobile Grooming Part I covers the business end and Mobile Grooming Part II covers a day in the spa. To learn more about this extraordinary opportunity click here.

Gryphon Trailers

The Most Affordable Mobile Grooming Salons Available

Our fully-equipped trailers are exactly that: Complete Groom Shops. We don't use "Base Prices" and then charge you thou$and$ extra for air conditioning, heat, generator boxes etc. We offer 2018 models: 6 X 10 at $15,999 and $17,999 for 6 X 12.

We also offer The Pod Grooming Salon from UGroom Trailers. We are a distributor of The Pod. The latest thing in Mobile Grooming! Fully equipped at $13,999. Visit our website or call us for more information, pictures or to order yours today! or 203-885-5594.

Purrified Air Pet Odor Filter for Your Van or Trailer

Purrified Air is the premier pet odor air filter. Designed to greatly reduce odor from accidents, dander, and animals, wet and dry. Also removes allergens from air. It has been used for years for cat litter boxes, ferret cages, and as a room air filter in homes with pets.

Works just as well in a grooming van. Safely mounted to wall. Works on 110 volt AC, or 12 volt DC. Order with wall-mount bracket. Secure with small bungee cord. Go to for more information and to order. Get a $30.00 commission for any you sell to cat customers. Email from website for questions. Go to Or call 425-224-6340. Keep your van smelling fresh for your customers and your self. Breath healthier air while you work. $119.99

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