2003 Ford E350 Shuttle Bus - Diesel - Great Starter - Missouri

This is a great starter for someone looking to get their foot in mobile grooming without selling a kidney to get a rig. Iíve put a lot of work into her when I got her. (Aside from mechanical). Iíve taken the best care of her but itís time for her to start someone else on their mobile journey!

2003 Ford e350 DIESEL 7.3l shuttle bus. 360,000 miles. Not a ton of miles for a diesel. The 7.3L engine was the best diesel engine ford made and it can go 500k miles.

Grooming conversion works great.
This unit is inverter powered. You idle during the day to keep batteries charged. There are 10 6v batteries. 4 batteries are less than a year old, and the rest are about 1.25 years old. There is a shoreline as a backup power source that can handle up to 30a if needed.

-5000w inverter; 10 batteries
-55gal water tank and 45gal grey tank
-Hanvey Clipper vac
-Shop vac
-2 grooming stations
-Setup to handle 2, 5gal cosmos tanks. TANKS NOT INCLUDED
-on demand propane water heater (I have 3 additional tanks you can have for refills)
-3 BRAND NEW starting batteries. Just replaced 4/19.

-The rear back springs need replaced. My mechanic quoted me $1500-2000 to replace them. It sags to one side. It is drive-able, but the lean is is noticeable. Iíve adjusted the price to reflect the new buyer having to fix this issue.

-Oil leak. If you park in driveways youíll need to put down a drip pan. (Drip pan and fancy oil absorbing pads INCLUDED) These old buses are known for leaks. Iíve fixed quite a few leaks so the leak is much better than it used to be but it still leaks some. Itís really not a huge issue.

-Battery drain. There is a slow battery drain somewhere. My mechanic could never trace it and I didnít want to spend any more money trying to find it. I simply hook a battery charger up to it and itís 100% fine. It can set unused about 2 days before the battery drain will affect you starting the bus.

-2 places of body damage, but no rust in those areas.

***This is a cash only sale, no financing. ***
Bus located in Missouri
Can only be viewed Sunday-Tuesday.

Phone/Text: 314-737-0656
Asking $11,000

5/24/20     AD# 2019-0104


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