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Pet Groomer Wanted - Cambodia

We are Cambodia's only professional dog kennels ran to European standards. Additional services offered include shop, grooming, veterinary services, promoting animal welfare, canine rehabilitation, puppy sales and repatriation.

We are recruiting new team members in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for our services.


As a dog groomer, you will start by discussing with the owner what grooming they would like, whether the dog is used to being groomed and what its handling requirements are. You will also check for any sore areas or lumps on the dog's skin, and for fleas or parasites.
You will then:
shape the dog's coat with electric clippers or a stripping knife
shampoo and dry the dog's coat
give a final trim with scissors.
Sometimes you will also clip the dog's claws and clean its teeth and ears.
You will often follow standards for how different breeds should look for example, poodles are usually clipped to a particular shape. This is particularly important when dogs are being prepared for a show.

Did You Include Your Contact Info for READERS in Ad Message Above? If not, enter here (phone and/or email etc): Please send your resume to   7/16/14

Experienced Pet Groomer Wanted - Relocate to Singapore

We are a hip and trendy pet salon in Singapore seeking experienced pet groomers and stylists who have at least 5 years of experience in the industry in grooming dogs and cats. Teeth scaling is a plus. Candidates who are willing to relocate to Singapore from overseas will also be considered. Please send your resume to   5/8/14

Pet Groomer Wanted in China

Looking for a certified or experienced dog groomer who is interested in working in China near the Shanghai area.  This is a privately owned shop trying to bring western pet care standards to the China market.  The position will have a competitive compensation and commission structure and will provide an apartment and assistance.
If you are adventurous and looking for an exciting opportunity please contact Marty at or Mei QingChen at for more details and discussion. Language: English Compulsory, Tagalog, Italian (would be a plus)    4/16/14


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