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Open Your Own Grooming School

How would you like to substantially increase the income in your professional Pet Salon with very little investment? We are offering a turnkey program licensing individuals the “Golden Paws” training method. Along with providing extensive training and step-by-step instructional material, we will assist you in a complete school set up.

  • Provide a proven training program

  • Obtain state accreditation

  • Tool Distributorships

  • Marketing – What works

  • All program Material, Tests, Forms, and Support Material

  • Financing avenues for your students

  • 40 years of school operational experience and support

To teach someone to become a pet stylist is very complicated, but with the Golden paws step-by-step instructional method, it becomes so easy! Based on our many years of teaching experience, we have put a complete school package together. Our goal is to create the desire on the part of anyone who wants training in pet styling to seek a “Golden Paws” licensed school! Each school will have a defined, exclusive territory!

If you have a sincere desire to give students the best training and you would enjoy contributing to raising the standards in the pet styling field, as well as adding substantial profit to your business, please contact Mitzi at 713-412-1786 or email to Please visit us at for program information.

Thrudreamin' Enterprises

Are you through dreaming about opening a shop, advancing your skills, improving your speed, turning your shop into a school? Kathy Sanders, a National Certified Master Groomer and owns Thrudreamin Enterprises, Inc. a consultant firm for groomers since 1990. Let her TURN YOUR SHOP INTO A SCHOOL, or improve your career and business performance. Thrudreamin’ Enterprises, Inc. can provide answers for groomers who are just starting out or have there own shops but find it difficult to get started on a successful road to their dreams, Kathy will come to your location to improve your shops bottom line productivity, shops grooming techniques or to get you started in owning your own shop. Hired by groomers to save them thousands of dollars and weeks sometimes months of agonizing time. Kathy turns existing shops into schools. Kathy is hired to turn a shop around that is going through the tribulations of some of the common mistakes that groomers make. She takes existing establishment and improves their bottom line. We have the knowledge to empower you to fulfill your dreams. If you are through dreaming about your shop, hire Thrudreamin’ Enterprises, Inc. to get the job going! Thrudreamin' is associated with Groomadog Academy. Click here.

Pet Business Insurance

Pet Business Insurance

Pet Business Insurance

Pet Business insurance is an insurance agency that looks to improving the insurance services of the pet business community. Our goal is to make sure business owners, employees, and customers are properly informed about the different types of pet business insurance that is available to them and consult them on any policies they may have questions about. Unlike most insurance agencies, pet business insurance has agents who have been issuing pet business insurance policies for years. This ensures our clients will get the best possible coverage at the best price and completely understand the policies they have.

Pet Groomer insurance
Dog Groomer Insurance
Mobile Pet Grooming Insurance

Choice Plus Insurance Services - Pet Care Industry Insurance

Zach Davis and the team at Choice Plus Insurance Services, Inc. provide insurance coverage to business owners in pet care industry. We specifically serve Pet Grooming businesses, Mobile Dog Grooming businesses, Boarding and Kennels, Dog Day Cares Insurance and more.

We provide business liability, commercial auto, workers compensation, animal bailees protection and more. Like yourself, we take pride in our business and look forward to providing outstanding service.

We would love to show you how we can provide value to your business by saving you time, money and improving your protection. Click on the following links for more information.

Mobile Pet Grooming Insurance
Dog Day Care Insurance

Pet Business Insurance

Grooming Business Plan Writing Software, User Guide & Real Samples

Consultation Services from the Authors of the #1 Grooming Business Book

No Question is Too Small or Unimportant - We're Here to Help

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Helping Groomers to Own Their First Business or Expand an Existing One

The most advanced book in the industry worldwide is also the most advanced learning experience for new or advanced grooming business owners. In 5 days with a small workshop group, or in a 2 day one-on-one private seminar, the award winning Madson Management System is introduced to you, and your specific needs are taken into consideration to meet your goals, your business dream. Since 1991 we have specialized in writing truly professional business plans to help you secure bank and investor loans. Nothing compares to the quality of our business plans. No matter where you live we can assist you with our telephone consultation. You will be extremely proud to distribute one of our plans strategizing your dream business whether it is just for the purchase of a small one person business, a large pet care center or to expand an existing business. We have hundreds of clients that have made their dream come true. For more information please visit

Profitability is important right from the start, or to become so now!  If you aren't profitable, how will you be there in the future to your clients and their pets? How will you obtain and maintain a state-of-the-art business? Click here for product information and special offers.

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