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Paid Ads are those published in all sections of the Classifieds EXCEPT Help Wanted & Used Tools, Products & Equipment.

Please do NOT use use this page to submit ads for Help Wanted/Job Search or Used Tools, Products & Equipment (not mobile).
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Advertisers, Sellers & Buyers Terms of Use & Scam Warning - Read!


Step 1: Read all of the info in the pink area below. Return here. Click the link below for the online form for Paid Ads only.

Step 2: If applicable, email your photos to our office at Photos are NOT attached to the online form. You email them separately. If you want us to scan you will have to postal mail the photos to our office. The fee is the same, $5 per photo. More photo info at bottom of page.

Step 3: Make payment. Thank you.


Click Here to Fill-in a Paid Ad Form Online

For over 20 years our ad forms collect your ad data via a professional forms service provider using a secure connection.

For your security, we have never collected or stored payment data online.

You may CALL our office with card number, send Paypal or check.

Please complete one form per ad. Read instructions below! Final warning! Although few ads are rejected, the ones we reject are a result of NOT reading the few guidelines below. Thanks.

(prices below)

Ad Duration
3 months (minimum) or pay for 6 months and get 6 months free and get best exposure because we sort ads by expiration date. See Ad Ranking Sort below.

Ad Ranking Sort
Ads are displayed in order of expiration date, shown at the end of your ad once published. For this reason, some advertisers pay for 6 months and we give them 6 months free. The 1 year away expiration usually places their ad at the very top of classified ads in their section. It takes MUCH longer for these ads to move low on their page. This can be especially helpful in the Business for Sale and Used Mobile sections. All sales are final. After an ad is published, no refunds for early cancellation.

Ad Message Size
There are 2 sizes, Basic and Large, based on the text in the Ad Message you write.

BASIC: Up to 400 characters and spaces, not words please.
LARGE: 401 to 800 characters and spaces, not words please.

Add Photos or Logos - All photos incur an additional charge of $5 per photo...we will resize photos here.
Photos grab reader attention and produce more sales. You can add photos for $5 each per 3 month period, max. 12 per ad. You email them only. You do NOT attach them to our online ad form. Read guidelines at bottom of page to send photos that work best. You can also postal mail photos on a disk, or send prints and we will scan. See office address below.

You make payment AFTER you have filled in the Paid Ad Online Form, and submitted photos, if applicable. AFTER!!! We attempt to publish Paid Ads within 24 hours of receipt of payment in our office. Payment page is here.

Ad Removal
We suggest you NEVER remove an ad until you have completed the sale, money in hand. If we take down your ad and the sale falls through, you must pay for a new ad. After your ad is published and you no longer need it, send an email asking for its removal. Please give us your name and identify either a phone number or email address INSIDE the ad to help us locate it.

We send an email or phone about 1 week before an ad expires to determine if you need or desire to renew your ad. You can call at any time.

If you have a computer problem submitting the online form, or prefer an alternative way to submit, you can postal mail, fax or email your ad. View the form using link below and send the info it requests in one of these alternative options.


  • Before paying by credit card, check or Paypal, FIRST complete and submit the ad submission form. We can only verify the price AFTER we have seen your ad form, and any photos.
  • Most sellers call in a credit card to 800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348. You can also fax credit card info 24 hours to 360-446-5234. Refer to the name of the person on the submission form.
  • We do accept Paypal to our account
No Photo
No Photo
Price for 3 months $ 18.00 $ 27.00 $ 23.00 $ 32.00
Price for 1 year - pay 6 mos, get 6 mos free $ 36.00 $ 54.00 $ 46.00 $ 64.00
Characters & Spaces (not words) 1 - 400 401 - 800 1 - 400 401 - 800
Additional photos n/a n/a $ 5.00 ea / 3 mos. $ 5.00 ea / 3 mos.
 All prices are in U.S. dollars. See payment details below.

Fax: 360-446-5234
Postal: Find A Groomer Inc., PO Box 2489, Yelm, WA 98597.

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PHOTOS: Instructions to Add Photos. Only $5 each per 3 months

Remember. Submit photos by email only, AFTER you have completed your ad submission form. We will resize photos as needed.

Should you add photos? Success! The box truck I listed last week has been sold. I advertised in both the Mobile Vans/Trailers section and the Business for Sale section. Your tip on lots of photos was the key. I ran the ad for 3 months before with only 1 exterior generated about 2 calls per week but no offers. I re-ran it with 6 photos showing off the interior and had 3 people driving 4 hours each to race here with a deposit in the first couple days...and all 3 would probably have bought it! M.G.

"Collage" Photos Warning: In order to lower our already low prices, some people group 2 or more photos in photo software creating one photo which shows a "collage" of photos. Thereby they expect to pay just one $5 photo fee to us. That is not acceptable. However, it is also not effective. All horizontal photos are reduced to 250 pixel width and vertical photos to 180 pixel width, and what that means is that your "collage" photo will be so small no one will be able to see effectively what is in your grouped pictures.

$5.00 Service Fee to Exchange or Expand Your Photos - If you submit photos and we publish them, and later you request us to replace or add them with 1 or more new photos; there is a $5.00 service to compensate for the time it takes us prepare and publish the new photos. Please try to do all your photos in the first setup. It helps to keep our ad prices low. Thanks.

E-mail: If you have a digital camera you can email photos to us. Send them as an attachment to an email to If you use Microsoft Outlook, click New for a new email, click Insert then File and identify the location of your photos to attach. Your camera software often has even easier ways to attach them as well. For best results, please send as JPG format whenever possible, but we can accept GIF and BMP formats. You may send us a ZIP file, BUT the files within it should be JPG, GIF or BMP only. JPG works best.

Scanner: If you have photos printed and a scanner you can scan your photos and email them to us. PLEASE DO NOT SCAN PHOTOS PRINTED OUT ON COLOR INKJETS UNLESS THEY ARE HIGH RESOLUTION. They will look very grainy. Better to send us glossy or mat photos, or photos direct from your camera. We have found that most people do not have the experience to scan and retouch photos very well, so let us do that is your best advice.

Postal Mail for Print Photos Only: If you have print photos we will scan them FREE here in our office. Mail them to our office. If using postal mail to send print photos we advise you to not send your only originals; we are not responsible for their loss. Label your name and contact info on back of all photos. Photos are not returned unless you also provide a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Send to Find A Groomer, Inc., P.O. Box 2489, Yelm, WA 98597 USA.

Online Web Photos: If your photos are already published online we can often grab them from the web page. Just let us know the URL of the page where your photos are published on the Web. Contact us to make arrangements.