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Pet Groomer Wanted - London, UK

This is an excellent opportunity to become part of a small grooming salon and implement your ideas and have a say in the running of this part of the business. The position sits within the management team allowing the candidate to contribute to the development of the business. The Candidate must be able to groom dogs to breed standard and work under pressure. The salary is negotiable and will be based on grooming experience and management skills.

The role will be to support the owner/manager in the varied responsibilities of running the business. At all times you will be responsible for delivering exceptional pet care service to new and existing clients, exceeding all expectation, adhering to health and safety regulations and animal welfare act at all times.

It is essential that you have practical experience in styling a wide range of breeds for a professional salon and hold industry qualifications. You need to be a people person and communicate well with other team members and customers. You must be proactive in contributing to the rising success of Wag N Go Boutique & Spa Grooming, encouraging innovation and a strong team ethos in all areas.   5/4/16

Experienced, Reliable, Animal Loving Pet Groomer Looking for Job in Europe

Experienced, reliable, animal loving pet groomer is currently looking for job in Europe.
I have 20+ years of exp.
I am able to handle and lift dogs up to 25 lbs kind to animals and friendly to customers punctual and well dressed Able to work independently Drug Free and a non-smoker.
trilingual (english, spanish, italian)
I am looking to broad my horizons, learn another language, meet new people, learn new techniques.
Young enough to to work hard, old enough to be responsible an reliable.
Looking forward hearing from you.   3/20/16



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