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Experienced Dog Bather / Groomer Needs Job! Will Relocate for Right Pay

My name is Brittany and I have about 7 years experience with professional dog bathing and grooming. I also have experience with being a kennel tec. I have graduated from twcph in 2009 with diploma. I also graduated with a certificate from alpha k-9 dog grooming school in 2010. I will admit I need more training with grooming just because I did not get the best education in all breed grooming.

I have experience with all animals- including horses, cats, rabbits ,birds and of course dogs. As of right now I have a pit bull I rescued and she has been the best thing that has happened to me. SKILLS- great with scissor work, dematting, bathing and blow drying the right way . GREAT at grinding and clipping nails. GREAT at cleaning and taking care of all types of animals.

GOOD communication skills and great customer service. I need a grooming or bathing job starting at $10 to $11 an hour. Kennel tech if fine also. I need full time. Please contact me if you have a position available and steady work. I live in Conroe Texas, will relocate For right pay:)! ASAP Thank you for your consideration. 832-948-9592   6/20/14


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